Figure 2

The ratio of $\dNdeta$ distribution for events from the different regions of $\alpha_{\rm{ZN}}$ distribution of Fig. \ref{fig:AlphaDisbnData}. The $\dNdeta$ distributions areobtained as described in Sect. \ref{sec:expdetail}. (a) The square (star) symbols corresponding to R13 (R23) are obtained by taking the ratio of $\dNdeta$ of events from Region 1 (Region 2) to Region 3. (b) The data points are obtained after reflection across $\eta = 0$ as described in the text The data for $ |\eta| > 1.0 $ in panels (a) and (b) are frommeasurements in V0A and in panels (c) and (d) are from measurements inV0C.