Figure 1

$\Dzero$ and $\Dplus$ invariant mass and $\Dstar$ mass difference distributions for selected $\pt$ and $N_{\rm tracklets}$ intervals for pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeV with $\mathcal{L}_{\rm int} = 5 \rm nb^{-1}$ The $\Dzero$ distributions are shown for $2< \pt< 4  \mathrm{GeV}/c$ (top-panels), the $\Dplus$ for $4< \pt< 8  \mathrm{GeV}/c$ (middle-panels), and the $\Dstar$ for $8< \pt< 12  \mathrm{GeV}/c$ (bottom-panels) The $N_{\rm tracklets} \in$ [1,8], [14,19] and [31,49] intervals are shown in the left, middle and right panels respectively The fits to the candidate invariant mass distributions are also shown.