Figure 4

The relative amplitudes of the radius oscillations $R^{2}_{{\rm out},3}/R^{2}_{{\rm out},0}$, and $R^{2}_{{\rm side},3}/R^{2}_{{\rm side},0}$ on the third-order anisotropies in space ($a_{3}$) and transverse flow ($\rho_{3}$) for the centrality range 5--10\% and $\kt$ = 0.6 \gevc from the Blast-Wave model . The thin dashed lines show the lines of a constant relative amplitude, in magenta for $R^{2}_{{\rm out},3}/R^{2}_{{\rm out},0}$ and in dark yellow for  $R^{2}_{{\rm side},3}/R^{2}_{{\rm side},0}$. The thick lines show the corresponding ALICE results, with width of the lines representing the experimental uncertainties.