Tools for paper drafts

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Centralized submission

Please contact alice-publications@CERN.CH when drafts are ready to be submitted. When second round start the author list will be uploaded to the draft page automatically. The acknowledgements will be added to the draft by the ALICE publications committee.

All the results from the ALICE experiment, made available as preprints, notes, proceedings or publications, are issued under CERN Copyright for benefit of the Collaboration. The material is distributed under Creative Common License (CC-BY-4.0 <>) that permits anybody to share and/or reuse the work, provided that the original source is cited in accordance with good academic manners.

Recommendations for editing may be found here

  • CERNPREP style files may be downloaded from here

  • Template for institutional reviews in Collaboration Round 1 can be downloaded from here in Rich Text Format

The TeX file with the list of Funding Agencies (FA), so called Acknowledgments, can be found through the following links:

  • The funding agency list TeX file of TODAY can be downloaded from: Today FA
  • The funding agency list TeX file of previous dates can be obtained by changing the parameter [dateiso=] directly in the following URL:



    For example, the FA list from 2016-07-20 can be downloaded from: Earlier FA