Figure 4

Comparison of the centrality dependence (with 10% width centrality classes) of the inclusive J/$\psi$ $R_{\rm AA}$ for $0.3< p_{\rm T}< 8$ GeV/$c$ with theoretical models . The model calculations do not include the $p_{\rm T}$ cut (except for TM1), which was anyway found to have a negligible impact, since they only include hadronic J/$\psi$ production. The error bars represent the statistical uncertainties, the boxes around the data points the uncorrelated systematic uncertainties, while the centrality-correlated global uncertainty is shown as a filled box around $R_{\rm AA}=1$. The brackets shown in the three most peripheral centralityintervals represent the range of variation of the hadronic J/$\psi$ $R_{\rm AA}$ under extreme hypothesis on the photo-production contamination on the inclusive $R_{\rm AA}$.