Figure 2

$\pt$-integrated yield ratios to pions (${\pi}^{+}+{\pi}^{-}$) as a function of $\langle {{\rm d}N_{\rm ch}/{\rm d}\eta} \rangle$ measured in $\left|y\right| < 0.5$. The error bars show the statistical uncertainty, whereas the empty and dark-shaded boxes show the total systematic uncertainty and the contribution uncorrelated across multiplicity bins, respectively. The values are compared to calculations from MC models [30-32] and to results obtained in p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC [6, 9, 11]. For Pb-Pb results the ratio $2 \Lambda$/(${\pi}^{+}+{\pi}^{-}$) is shown. The indicated uncertainties all represent standard deviations.