Figure 5

Experimentally determined upper limit, under the assumption of the lifetime of a free $\Lambda$. In the upper panel shown for the $\overline{\Lambda \mathrm{n}}$ bound state and for the H-dibaryon in the lower panel. It includes 30\% systematic uncertainty for each particle and 6\% correction for absorption with an uncertainty of 7\% for the $\overline{\Lambda \mathrm{n}}$ bound state. The theory lines are drawn for different theoretical branching ratios (BR) in blue for the equilibrium thermal model from  for two temperatures (164 MeV the full line and 156 MeV the dashed line), in green the non-equilibrium thermal model from  and in yellow the predictions from a hybrid UrQMD calculation . The H-dibaryon is also compared with predictions from coalescence models, where the full red line visualises the prediction assuming quark coalescence and the dashed red line corresponds to hadron coalescence .