Figure 3

Trigger-normalized semi-inclusive recoil jet distributions for \TTSig\ and \TTRef-selected populations in central \PbPb\ collisions at $\sqrtsNN=5.02$ \TeV, for $\rr=0.2$ (upper panels), 0.4 (middle panels), and 0.5 (lower panels). The \drho\ correction (Sec. \ref{sect:rhoaligngment}) has been applied to the \TTRef\ distributions. The left column shows distributions in the \dphi\ acceptance of the \DrecoilpT\ analysis. The remaining columns show distributions in selected \dphi\ bins for the \Drecoilphi\ analysis, with the second column having the largest deviation from $\dphi=\pi$ and the rightmost column at $\dphi\sim\pi$.