Exploring the non-universality of charm hadronisation through the measurement of the fraction of jet longitudinal momentum carried by $Λ_{\rm c}^+$ baryons in pp collisions

Recent measurements of charm-baryon production in hadronic collisions have questioned the universality of charm-quark fragmentation across different collision systems. In this work the fragmentation of charm quarks into charm baryons is probed, by presenting the first measurement of the longitudinal jet momentum fraction carried by $\Lambda_{\rm c}^{+}$ baryons, $z^{\mathrm{ch}}_\mathrm{||}$, in hadronic collisions. The results are obtained in proton-proton (pp) collisions at $\sqrt{s}=13$ TeV at the LHC, with $\Lambda_{\rm c}^{+}$ baryons and track-based jets reconstructed in the transverse momentum intervals of $3 \leq p_{\rm T}^{\Lambda_{\rm c}^{+}} <~ 15$ GeV/$c$ and $7 \leq p_{\rm T}^{\rm jet\;ch} <~ 15$ GeV/$c$, respectively. The $z^{\mathrm{ch}}_\mathrm{||}$ distribution is compared to a measurement of ${\rm D}^0$-tagged charged jets in pp collisions as well as to PYTHIA 8 simulations. The data hints that the fragmentation of charm quarks into charm baryons is softer with respect to charm mesons, as predicted by hadronisation models which include colour correlations beyond leading-colour in the string formation.


Submitted to: PRL
e-Print: arXiv:2301.13798 | PDF | inSPIRE
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Figure 1

(Left) Fully corrected \z distribution of \Lambdac-tagged track-based jets (black open circles) measured in the $7\leq\ptjet<15$ \GeVc and $3\leq\ptLc<15$ \GeVc intervals in pp collisions at $\s = 13$ TeV, compared with predictions from different PYTHIA 8 tunes  (red-dotted and green-dashed lines). The ratios of the MC simulations to the data are shown in the bottom panel. (Right) Comparison of the measured \z distribution of \Lambdac-tagged jets and the previously measured \z distribution of \Dzero-tagged jets , obtained in the same kinematic interval. The ratio of the \z distribution of \Lambdac-tagged and \Dzero-tagged jets is shown in the bottom panel for both the data and the different PYTHIA tunes.