Figure 3

The \pt-differential inclusive \PJpsi\ cross section per unit of rapidity, $\textup{d}^2\sigma_{\rm incl.\,\PJpsi}/\textup{d}y\textup{d}p_{\rm T}$, as a function of \pt in p--Pb collisions (red circles) compared with the analogous cross section measured in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=5.02$ TeV  multiplied by the Pb mass number (${\rm A}=208$) (black closed squares, shifted horizontally by 150 MeV/$c$ for better visibility). The vertical error bar and the box on top of each point represent the statistical and systematic uncertainty, respectively. The open square symbol (also shifted by 150 MeV/$c$) shows the value for pp collisions in the \pt interval 10-14 GeV/$c$, which was obtained with the interpolation procedure. In this case the error bar corresponds to the total uncertainty.