Figure 4

Longitudinal ($\Delta y$) $\sigma$ widths (left), azimuthal ($\Delta\varphi$) $\sigma$ widths (center), and integrals (right) of balance functions of the full species matrix of $\pi^{\pm}$, ${\rm K}^{\pm}$, and ${\rm p/\overline{p}}$ with centrality. For $\Delta y$ and $\Delta\varphi$ widths, ${\rm K}\pi$, ${\rm p}\pi$, and ${\rm pK}$ have the same values with $\pi {\rm K}$, $\pi {\rm p}$, and ${\rm Kp}$, respectively. For the longitudinal widths, the relative azimuthal angle range for all the species pairs is the full azimuth range $|\Delta\varphi|\le\pi$. For the azimuthal widths, the relative rapidity range used for all species pairs is $|\Delta y|\le1.2$, with the exception of $|\Delta y|\le 1.4$ for $\pi\pi$ and $|\Delta y|\le 1.0$ for $\rm pp$. Vertical bars represent statistical uncertainties while systematic uncertainties are displayed as dash line bands.