Figure 4

The $\rLK$ ratio in \pPb collisions at \fivenn as a function of $\Rvj$ for three different \Vzero{}-particle $\pT$ intervals associated with charged jets with $\pTjch>10$ \GeVc The data points of the ratios in $0.6<\pTv <1.8$ \GeVc and in $4.2<\pTv <12$ \GeVc are shifted to the left and right sides from the centre, along the $\Rvj$-axis for better visibility Statistical uncertainties (vertical bars) and systematic uncertainties (open boxes) are shown The sources of the systematic uncertainty are summarized in table \ref{tab:systR} The uncertainty on $\Vzero$ yield extraction is uncorrelated with $\Vzero$ $\pT$ but correlated with $\Rvj$, the uncertainties on jet $\pT$ scale and on UE subtraction are uncorrelated on both $\Vzero$ $\pT$ and $\Rvj$.