Figure 6

Particle ratios \simplekstarch/K and \simplekstarZ/K, depicted as \rsimplekstar/K, in pp , central \mbox{d--Au} , central \mbox{p--Pb}  and central \mbox{A--A}  collisions as a function of \sqrtSnn. For the \mbox{d--Au} data, the numerator yield is derived from a combination of \simplekstarZ and \simplekstarch states. Bars represent the statistical uncertainties and boxes represent the systematic uncertainties. The points for \simplekstarZ for \mbox{d--Au},\mbox{Cu--Cu} and \mbox{p--Pb} collisions and for \simplekstarch for pp collisions have been shifted horizontally for visibility. Red, blue and black lines represent the \simplekstarch/K ratio predicted with PYTHIA6-Perugia 2011 , PYTHIA8-Monash 2013  and EPOS-LHC , respectively.