Figure 3

Unfolded θg distributions for charged-particle jets in pp collisions compared to those in Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV with zcut = 0.2 for 0–10% centrality for R = 0.2 (left) and 30–50% centrality for R = 0.4 (right). The distributions are normalized to the inclusive jet cross section in the 60 < pT, ch jet < 80 GeV/c interval, and ftagged indicates the fraction of splittings that were tagged to pass the SD condition in the selected pT, ch jet interval. The ratios in the bottom panel are compared to the following theoretical predictions: JETSCAPE [63], JEWEL [62, 64], Caucal et al. [34, 65], Pablos et al. [36, 66, 67], and Yuan et al. [31]. Further details can be found in Ref. [50].