Figure 6

Inclusive \jpsi\ nuclear modification factor as a function of \Npart\ for \PbPb\ collisions at \sqrtsnnE{5.02}. Results are shown for four \pt\ intervals. The vertical error bars represent statistical uncertainties, the boxes around the points uncorrelated systematic uncertainties, while the correlated uncertainty is shown as a filled box around $\Raa=1$. When the corresponding results at \sqrtsnnE{2.76} are available, the ratio of the results at the two energies is shown in the bottom section of each figure. The brackets around \Raa\ values for 0.3 $< $ \pt\ $< $ 2 \gevc\ represent an estimate of the influence of \jpsi\ photo-production, as detailed in Sec. \ref{sec:Raa}. The \Raa\ results at \sqrtsnnE{5.02} as well as the available ratios to the \sqrtsnnE{2.76} results are compared with transport model calculations .