Figure 1

a) $v_2$, $v_3$ and $v_4$ integrated over the $\pt$ range $0.2 < \pt < 5.0$ GeV/$c$ as a function of event centrality, with the more central (peripheral) collisions shown on the left- (right-)hand side, respectively Full and open squares show $v_3${2} and $v_3${4}, respectively In addition we show $v^2_{3/\Psi_2}$ and $v_{3/\Psi_{\rm RP}}$, which represent the triangular flow measured relative to the second order event plane and the reaction plane, respectively (for the definitions, see text) b) $v_2${2, $|\Delta\eta| > 1$} and $v_3${2, $|\Delta\eta| > 1$} divided by the corresponding eccentricity versus centrality percentile for Glauber [22] and MC-KLN CGC [30] initial conditions.