Figure 2

Associated charged-hadron yields per \jpsi\ trigger in 3 $< $ $p_{\rm T}^{\rm J/\psi}$ $< $ $6$GeV/$c$ in p--Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}$ $=$ 5.02 TeV (left panels) and 8.16 TeV (right panels) The top and the middle panels correspond to the low-multiplicity and the high-multiplicity event classes, respectively. The bottompanels show the yields after the subtraction of the low-multiplicity collision yields from the high-multiplicity collisionones. The solid line represent the fit to the data as described in the text. The dashed, dot-dashed and dottedlines correspond to the individual terms of the fit function defined in Eq. (\ref{eq:V2_fit}) All the yields are normalized to the value in $\Delta\varphi$ $< $ $\pi /6$ in low-multiplicity (40--100\%) event class Only the statistical uncertainties are shown.