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Figure 12

$v_{2}\{2, |\Delta\eta| > 0\}$, $v_{2}[2, |\Delta\eta| > 0]$, $v_{2}\{2, |\Delta\eta| > 0.8\}$ and $v_{2}[2, |\Delta\eta| > 0.8]$ for various multiplicity classes of p--Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{_{\rm NN}}} = 5.02$~TeV. DPMJET calculations are presented by red shaded lines for $v_{2}\{2, |\Delta\eta| > 0.8\}$ and blue shaded lines for $v_{2}[2, |\Delta\eta| > 0.8]$ Hydrodynamic calculations (MUSIC) with modified MC-Glauber initial conditions and $\eta/s =$ 0.08 for $v_{2}\{2\}$ and $v_{2}[2]$ are shown in solid blue and dashed red lines.~
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