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Figure 2

$\bf{Left:}$ The ratio of $E/p$ as a function of $n_{\sigma}^{\rm{TPC}}$ in 10% most central Pb-Pb events ($p_{\rm{T}}>$ 3 GeV/$c$), where $p$ is the charged particle momentum, $E$ is the matched EMCal cluster energy, and $\sigma^{\mathrm{TPC}}$ is the resolution on the energy loss in the TPC gas expected for electrons. $\bf{Right:}$ $E/p$ for electrons in two transverse momentum ranges. The blue open symbols shows the hadron contamination $--$ an $E/p$ distribution for particles 3.5 $\sigma$ away from the mean of the true electron ${\rm TPC}$-d$E$/d$x$ distribution normalized to the electron $E/p$ at small values of the ratio (away from the electron signal).
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