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Figure 1

Fraction of the total $E_{\mathrm T}$ in pions ($f_{\pi}$), kaons ($f_{\mathrm K}$), p and $\overline{p}$ ($f_{{\mathrm p}}$), and $\Lambda$ ($f_{\Lambda}$) and the correction factors $f_{\mathrm{total}}$, $f_{\mathrm{neutral}}$, and $f_{\mathrm{em}}$ as a function of $\langle N_{\mathrm{part}} \rangle$. The fraction $f_{\Lambda}$ is scaled by a factor of two so that the data do not overlap with those from protons. Note that $f_{\mathrm{neutral}}$ is the fraction of $E_{\mathrm T}^{\mathrm{had}}$ measured in the tracking detectors while $f_{\mathrm{total}}$ and $f_{\mathrm{em}}$ are the fractions of the total $E_{\mathrm T}$ measured in the tracking detectors and the calorimeters, respectively. The vertical error bars give the uncertainty on the fraction of $E_{\mathrm T}$ from the particle yields.
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