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Figure 3

Double ratio $[\sigma_{\psi(\rm 2S)}/\sigma_{{\rm J}/\psi}]_{\rm pPb}/[\sigma_{\psi(\rm 2S)}/\sigma_{{\rm J}/\psi}]_{\rm pp}$ for p-Pb and Pb-p collisions, shown as a function of $\langle N_{\rm coll}\rangle$ (Pb-p points are slightly shifted in $\langle N_{\rm coll}\rangle$ to improve visibility). The data are compared to PHENIX mid-rapidity results and to the theoretical calculations of Ref.[11] and [26]. The boxes around unity correspond to the global systematic uncertainties at forward (red box) and backward (blue box) rapidities The grey box is a global systematic uncertainty common to both p-Pb rapidity ranges, while the green box refers to the PHENIX results.
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