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Figure 6

System size dependence of the mean transverse momentum of K$^{\ast0}$ compared to that of the proton (left panel) and $\langle p_{\rm T}\rangle$ of $\phi$ compared to that of the proton (right panel). The system size is defined as the cubic root of the average charged particle multiplicity density ($\langle$d$N_{\rm ch}$/d$\eta_{\rm lab}$$\rangle^{1/3}$) measured in the ALICE central barrel ($\vert\eta_{\mathrm{lab}}\vert$ < 0.5) in pp at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV (green), p-Pb at $\snn$ = 5.02 TeV (blue) and Pb-Pb at $\snn$ = 2.76 TeV (red). Statistical uncertainties are represented as bars, boxes indicate total systematic uncertainties.
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