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Figure 5

Mean transverse momentum of K$^{\ast0}$ and $\phi$ compared to that of identified $\pi^{\pm}$, K$^{\pm}$, K$^{0}_{S}$, p, $\Lambda$, $\Xi^{-}$ and $\Omega^{-}$ previously measured by ALICE in p-Pb collisions at $\snn=5.02$ TeV as a function of the charged particle density measured in the pseudo-rapidity range $\vert\eta_{\mathrm{lab}}\vert < 0.5$ (${\langle \rm{d}N_{ch}/{\rm d}N_{lab} \rangle}_{\vert \eta \vert < 0.5}$). The K$^{0}_{S}$, $\Lambda$ and $\Xi^{-}$ points are slightly displaced along the x-axis to avoid superposition with other points. Statistical uncertainties are represented as bars, whereas boxes indicate systematic uncertainties.
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