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Figure 1

(a) Anisotropic flow $v_{n}$ integrated over the $p_{\rm T}$ range 0.2 $< p_{\rm T} < $ 5.0 GeV/$c$, as a function of event centrality, for the two-particle (with $|\Delta\eta|>1$) and multi-particle cumulant methods. Measurements for Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{_{\rm NN}}}=$ 5.02 (2.76) TeV are shown by solid (open) markers. The ratios of $v_{2}\{2,|\Delta\eta|>1\}$ (red), $v_{2}\{4\}$ (gray) and $v_{3}\{2,|\Delta\eta|>1\}$ (blue), $v_{4}\{2,|\Delta\eta|>1\}$ (green) between Pb-Pb collisions at 5.02 TeV and 2.76 TeV, are presented in Fig.1 (b) and (c). Various hydrodynamic calculations are also presented . The statistical and systematical uncertainties are summed in quadrature (the systematic uncertainty is smaller than the statistical uncertainty, which is typically within 5%). Data points are shifted for visibility.
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