Figure 61

Comparison of the probability distribution of the shower shape parameter, $\shshlo$, of neutral clusters with $n^{\rm w}_{\rm cell}>1$ (left) and $>4$ (right) for different fractions of induced energy in the cross talk model (see \Eq{eq:crosstalk}), in pp collisions at \sseven\ \gls{EMCal} triggered data are compared to \gls{PYTHIA}6 simulated events with a direct photon and a jet or two jets in the final state, where one jet is triggered by a decay $\gamma$ on \gls{EMCal} acceptance with \pt$>$ 3.5 GeV/$c$. Data and default \gls{MC} (untuned simulation) are the same as in \Fig{fig:SigmaLongDataMCxTalk}.