Figure 14

\shshlo\ (left) and \shshsh\ (right) distributions in three energy intervals for photons, electrons, hadrons, \piz\ and $\eta$ mesons. The distributions are obtained using the V1 clusterizer from a simulation of pp collisions at \sthirteen\ performed with the \gls{PYTHIA} event generator, in which events are required to contain either two jets or a jet and a high-energy direct photon. Each distribution is normalized to its integral. A model simulating the effect of the cross talk was applied as discussed in \Sec{sec:crosstalk}. Distributions of \shshlo\ versus cluster energy in pp collisions at \sthirteen\ triggered by the \gls{EMCal} \gls{L1} at approximately 9 GeV for the V2 (left) and V1 clusterizer (right). Each energy bin is normalized to its integral and exotic clusters were rejected (\Sec{sec:exotics}).