Figure 8

Nuclear modification factors $\RpPb$ of prompt D mesons in p--Pb collisions at $\sqrtsNN=5.02 \tev$ Left: $\RpPb$ of $\Dzero$, $\Dplus$, and $\Dstar$ mesons. Right: average $\RpPb$ of non-strange D-meson species in the interval $1< \pt< 36 \gev/c$ , shown together with the $\Dzero$ $R_{\rm pPb}$ in $0< \pt< 1 \GeV/c$ and the $\RpPb$ of $\Ds$ mesons in the interval $2< \pt< 24 \gev/c$ The vertical bars and the empty boxes represent the statistical and systematic uncertainties The black-filled box at $\RpPb=1$ represents the normalisation uncertainty.