Figure 8

(Colours online) Rate of \Dzero-meson tagged track-based jets as a function of the jet momentum fraction carried by the \Dzero\ mesons in the direction of the jet axisin \pp\ collisions at $\s=7$ TeV with $5< \ptchjet< 15$ \GeVc\ (left) and $15< \ptchjet< 30$ \GeVc\ (right) The solid red circles show the data with their systematic uncertainties represented by gray boxes The measurements are compared with \mbox{PYTHIA 6} Perugia 2011 (blue), \mbox{PYTHIA 8} Monash 2013 (green dashed lines),the \mbox{POWHEG} di-jet implementation (open squares) and Herwig 7 \texttt{MEQCDMinBias} (orange).