Figure 1

Top: Invariant mass distribution of \Dzero-meson tagged jet candidates with $5< \ptchjet< 30$ \GeVc\ (left and center) and $15< \ptchjet< 30$ \GeVc\ (right) The \Dzero-meson transverse momenta are required to be in the interval $4< \ptd< 5$ \GeVc\ (left), $6< \ptd< 7$ \GeVc\ (center) and $6< \ptd< 12$ \GeVc\ (right) The blue solid line represents the total fit function; the background component of the fit function is shown with and withoutthe reflection component, as a red dotted line and as a magenta dashed line, respectively The green and red filled areas correspond to the side-band and peak regions. Bottom: Distributions of the \Dzero-meson tagged jet candidates in the peak region (red squares) and the side-band region (green circles) as a function of \ptchjet\ (left and center) and \zpar\ (right). The \ptchjet\ and \ptd\ selections are the same as the corresponding top panels The blue diamonds show the subtracted distributions corresponding to the raw signals.