Figure 2

(coloured online) Multiplicity dependence of the (a) and (c) symmetric cumulant $SC(m,n)_{\rm{3-sub}}$ and (b) and (d) normalized ratio SC$(m,n)_{\rm{3-sub}} / \langle v_m^2\rangle\langle v_n^2\rangle$ for \pp, \pPb, \XeXe\ and \PbPb\ collisions. Observables in the denominator are obtained from the $v_2\{2, |\Delta\eta| > 1.4\}$ and $v_n\{2, |\Delta\eta| > 1.0\}$ for higher harmonics. Statistical uncertainties are shown as vertical lines and systematic uncertainties as filled boxes. The measurements in large collision systems are compared with the IP-Glasma+MUSIC+UrQMD  calculations and results in pp collisions are compared with the PYTHIA 8 model .