Figure 1

(coloured online) Multiplicity dependence of $v_n\{k\}$ for \pp, \pPb, \XeXe\ and \PbPb\ collisions. Statistical uncertainties are shown as vertical lines and systematic uncertainties as filled boxes Data are compared with PYTHIA 8.210 Monash 2013  simulations (solid lines) of pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV and IP-Glasma+MUSIC+UrQMD  calculations of pp, \pPb, \PbPb\ collisions at $\snn = 5.02$ TeV and \XeXe\ collisions at $\snn = 5.44$ TeV (filled bands). The width of the band represents the statistical uncertainty of the model (a), (b) and (c): $v_2$, $v_3$ and $v_4$ measured using two-particle cumulants with a pseudorapidity separation $|\Delta\eta| > 1.4$, 1.0 and 1.0, respectively. (d): $v_2$ measured using multi-particle cumulants, with the 3-subevent method for the four-particle cumulant, and 2-subevent method for higher order cumulants in \PbPb\ collisions.