Figure 3

The \dNdetape\ (top) and $\frac{2}{\langle N_\mathrm{part}\rangle} N^\mathrm{tot}_\mathrm{ch}$ (bottom) for \XeXe\ collisions at \snn = \unit[5.44]{TeV} as a function of \avNpart The error bars indicate the point-to-point centrality-dependent uncertainties whereas the shaded band shows the correlated contributions. Also shown in the figure is the result from inelastic \pp\ at \s = \unit[5.02]{TeV} as well as non-single diffractive \pPb\ collisions  and \PbPb\ collisions at \snn = \unit[5.02]{TeV}  Note that \PbPb\ data at \snn = \unit[5.02]{TeV} were re-analysed in narrower centrality classes Data from lower energies at \snn = \unit[2.76]{TeV} and \unit[200]{GeV} are shown for comparison.