Figure 6

Comparisons of $v_{\rm{n}}\{2\}/\varepsilon_{\rm{n}}\{2\}$ integrated over the transverse momentum range $0.2< p_{\rm{T}} < 3.0$ GeV/$c$ as a function of $1/S$ d$N_{\rm{ch}}$/d$\eta$ in Xe--Xe and Pb--Pb collisions, where $S$ and $\varepsilon_{\rm{n}}\{2\}$ are from various initial state models . The models are explained in the text. The $^{129}$Xe deformation implemented is $\beta_{2}=0.18\pm0.02$, with the box errors representing the uncertainty in $\beta_{2}$. Measurements of d$N_{\rm{ch}}$/d$\eta$ ($|\eta|< 0.5$) from Xe--Xe and Pb--Pb collisions were obtained from separate studies .