Figure 5

The nuclear modification factor $R_{\rm pPb}$ of non-prompt \PJpsi as a function of rapidity for $\Pt>0$ (left panel) and as a function of \pt\ at mid-rapidity (right panel). The error bars and the open boxes indicate, respectively, the statistical and systematic uncertainties In the left hand panel, the results from the LHCb experiment are taken from  and the systematic uncertainty on the extrapolation to $\Pt = 0$ for the ALICE data point is depicted by the filled red box In the right hand plot, the results from the CMS experiment are taken from  and the arrow shows the upper limit at 95\% confidence level for the interval $1.3 < \Pt< 3$ GeV/$c$ The nuclear modification factors as expected from the EPPS16  and the nDSg  (central value shown in the left panel only) parameterisations are shown superimposed