Figure 4

$\dd \sigma_{\rm \PJpsi \, from \, B} / \dd y$\as a function of $y$ (left panel) compared to results obtained in the forward and backward rapidity regions by LHCb and $\dd^2 \sigma_{\rm \PJpsi \, from \, B} / \dd y \, \dd\Pt$\as a function of \pt\ (right panel) compared to ATLAS results  The error bars represent the statistical uncertainties,while the systematic uncertainties are shown as boxes In the right panel, the upper limit at the 95\% confidence level is shown with an arrow for the interval $1.3 < \Pt < 3 $ GeV/$c$ The systematic uncertainty on the extrapolation to \pt = 0 (left panel only) is indicated by thefilled red box Results from FONLL computations  with EPPS16  nuclear modificationof the CTEQ6.6 PDFs are shown superimposed, including thetotal theoretical uncertainty (empty band/boxes) and the EPPS16 contribution (coloured band/boxes)