Figure 7

Combined Blast-Wave fit to \pt\ and \vtwo(\pt) distributions usingequations \ref{eq:spectrum} and \ref{eq:v2}. The six upperpanels show the \pt\ spectra and the ratio between data and fit, while thesix panels in the bottom part shows the \vtwo(\pt) and the ratio betweendata and fit. In each panel, $\pi^\pm$ (empty circles), K$^\pm$ (diamonds),p+$\overline{\rm p}$ (filled squares) and d+\dbar\ (filled circles) are shown. For$\pi^\pm$, K$^\pm$ and p+$\overline{\rm p}$ the long dashedcurves represent the combined \pt\ and \vtwo\ Blast-Wave fit. Deuteron curves (dash dotted lines)are predictions from lighter particles Blast-Wave combined fit. Each column shows a different centralityintervals (0-10\% left, 10-20\% middle and 20-40\% right).