Figure 2

Acceptance $\times$ efficiency (A $\times \epsilon$) as a function of transverse momentum for deuterons (filled markers) and anti--deuterons (open markers) in the most 10\%central \PbPb\ collisions at \s\  = 2.76 TeV for TPC-TOFand HMPID (multiplied by a scaling factor) analyses The TPC-TOF points account for tracking, matching efficiency and geometrical acceptance The dashed and solid curves represent the fits with the function presented in equation \ref{eq:lineTOF} for deuterons and anti--deuterons respectively (see text for details) The HMPID points take into account tracking efficiency, geometrical acceptance, $\epsilon_\mathrm{{dist}}$ (`` distance correction factor" as explained in the text) and PID efficiency. The lower value with respect to the TPC-TOF ismainly due to the limited geometrical acceptance of the HMPID detector (5\%).