Figure 5

Left: The fraction P$_{\rm v}$ of c$\bar{\rm d}$ D mesons created in a vector state to vector and pseudoscalar prompt D mesons [8, 11, 12, 34-37]. The weighted average of the experimental measurements reported in Ref.[38] and of the LHC data [11, 12] shown in the figure is P$_{\rm v} = 0.60 \pm 0.01$, and is represented by a solid yellow vertical band. Right: Energy dependence of the total nucleon-nucleon charm production cross section [12, 13, 42-44]. In case of proton-nucleus (pA) or deuteron-nucleus (dA) collisions, the measured cross sections have been scaled down by the number of binary nucleon-nucleon collisions calculated in a Glauber model of the proton-nucleus or deuteron-nucleus collision geometry. The NLO MNR calculation [45] (and its uncertainties) is represented by solid (dashed) lines.