Figure 5

$\langle\pt\rangle$ (left) and $\langle\pt^2\rangle$ (right) as a function of $\sqrts$ for $\jpsi$ (top) and $\psi(2S)$ (bottom). Circles correspond to ALICE data, while the other symbols correspond to measurements at lower $\sqrts$ Vertical lines around the data points correspond to the quadratic sum of the statistical and uncorrelated systematic uncertainties. The solid lines correspond to calculating $\langle\pt\rangle$ and $\langle\pt^2\rangle$ when extrapolating the $\pt$ coverage to the largest available range in ALICE data ($0< \pt< 30$ GeV/$c$ for $\jpsi$ and $0< \pt< 16$ GeV/$c$ for $\psi(2S)$), while the dashed lines correspond to truncating the data to the smallest $\pt$ range available ($0< \pt< 8$ GeV/$c$ for $\jpsi$ and $0< \pt< 12$ GeV/$c$ for $\psi(2S)$).