Figure 6

Mean transverse momenta $\mpt$ of $\Lambda$, $\Xi^{-}$, $\Sigma^{*\pm}$, $\Xi^{*0}$ and $\Omega^{-}$ in p-Pb collisions at $\snn$ = 5.02 TeV as a function of mean charged-particle multiplicity density $\langle$d$N_{\mathrm{ch}}$/d$\eta_{\mathrm{lab}}\rangle$, measured in the pseudorapidity range $\mid\eta_{\mathrm{lab}}\mid < $ 0.5. The results for $\Lambda$, $\Xi^{-}$ and $\Omega^{-}$ are taken from [10,14,24]. Statistical and systematic uncertainties are represented as bars and boxes, respectively. The $\Omega^-$ and $\Xi^-$ points in the 3rd and 4th lowest multiplicity bins are slightly displaced along the abscissa to avoid superposition with the $\Xi^{*0}$ points.