Figure 5

The charged--particle pseudorapidity density distributions scaled by the average number of participants in various pseudorapidity intervals as a function of the number of participants. The four right-most points (open symbols) in each $\eta$ range, as well as the mid-rapidity points (circles) are from previously published results [6,17]. The uncertainties on $\left\langle N_{\rm{part}}\right\rangle$ from the Glauber calculations are only included on the points at mid-rapidity. Thus, the uncertainty band around the mid-rapidity points reflect both the measurement uncertainties and the uncertainty on $\left\langle N_{\rm{part}}\right\rangle$, while other $\eta$ ranges only show the measurement uncertainties. The lower part shows the ratio of each distribution to the previously published distributions for $|\eta|< 0.5$.