Figure 5

Elliptic flow coefficient $v_2$ of charged particles (red, green) and $R = 0.2$ full jets (comprising both charged and neutral fragments) measured within $\vert \eta \vert < 2.1$ (blue) superimposed on the results from the current analysis of $R = 0.2$ charged jets $v_2^{\rm ch jet}$. In all measurements, statistical errors are represented by bars and systematic uncertainties by shaded or open boxes Note that the same parton $\pt$ corresponds to different single particle, full jet and charged jet $\pt$. ATLAS $v_2^{\rm calo jet}$ and CMS $v_2$ from [22,58] in 30-50 % centrality are the weighted arithmetic means of measurements in 10% centrality intervals using the inverse square of statistical uncertainties as weights.