Figure 2

The nuclear modification factors for inclusive J/$\psi$ production at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}=5.02$ TeV. The error bars correspond to the statistical uncertainties, the open boxes to the uncorrelated systematic uncertainties, the shaded boxes around the points represent the partially correlated systematic uncertainties. The box around $R_{\rm pPb}=1$ shows the size of the correlated uncertainties. Results from various models are also shown. The theoretical uncertainties for the EPS09 NLO calculation are due to the uncertainty on the EPS09 shadowing parameterization and to the mass and scale uncertainties on the cross section calculation. For the CGC model, the band is related to the choice of the parton saturation scale and of the charm quark mass. Finally, the $q_{\rm 0}$ value in the energy loss model represents the value of the transport coefficient in the target nucleons for $x_{\rm Bj}$=10$^{-2}$ gluons.