Figure 6

Nuclear modification factor of non-prompt \jpsi as a function of \pt in the 0--10\% (upper left panel), 10--30\% (top right panel) and 30--50\% (bottom left panel). Results are compared with similar measurements from the ATLAS  and CMS  collaborations. Results in 0--10\% and 30--50\% are also compared to non-prompt D$^{0}$ \RAA measurements  in the same centrality classes. The centrality dependent non-prompt \jpsi \RAA in 1.5 $<$ \pt $<$ 10 \GeVc is shown in the bottom right panel (centrality is expressed in terms of average number of participants). Error bars and boxes represent statistical and systematic uncertainties uncorrelated with \pt (centrality, for the bottom right panel). Global uncertainties are shown as boxes around unity.