Figure 6

The ${\rm d } \sigma_{\rm b \overline{\rm b}}/{\rm d}y$ at midrapidity as a function of the centre-of-mass energy. The ALICE measurement at \s = 5.02 TeV corresponds to the weighted average ofnon-prompt D mesons~ and non-prompt \pJPsi (see text for details). The ALICE results are compared with existing measurements in pp collisions (PHENIX~ and ALICE~) and in p$\overline{\rm p}$ collisions (UA1~ and CDF~). The shaded area around the ALICE data points represents the extrapolation uncertainty. Results from dielectron measurements from the ALICE collaboration, obtained using either PYTHIA or POWHEG simulations, are also shown~ FONLL~ and NNLO~ calculations in the rapidity range $|y|