Figure 5

Left panel: the $\frac{{\rm d}\sigma}{{\rm d}y}$ of non-prompt \pJPsi extrapolated down to \pt\ = 0 at midrapidity computed by the ALICE collaboration compared with similar measurements in pp collisions at \s = 13 TeV carried out at forward rapidity by the LHCb collaboration~ Right panel: the $\frac{{\rm d}\sigma}{{\rm d}y}$ of prompt \pJPsi as a function of the rapidity in \pp collisions at \s = 13 TeV. The results close to midrapidity are based on the ALICE measurements extrapolated down to \pt = 0, and closed (open) symbols represent measured (reflected) data points (see text for details). Similar results obtained by the LHCb collaboration~ at forward rapidity are shown as well. The theoretical calculations are from Refs.~.