Figure 4

Comparison of transverse momentum spectra of \kstar (left panel) and \phim (right panel) for inelastic \pp collisions at \s $=$ 5.02 \TeV (solid markers) and 2.76 \TeV (open markers) ~ . The lower panels show the ratio of the \pt spectra at \s $=$ 5.02 \TeV to those from \s $=$ 2.76 \TeV. The statistical uncertainties on the data are shown by bars and the systematic uncertainties by boxes. The ratios are compared with model calculations from the PYTHIA 6.4 (Perugia 2011 Tune)~, PYTHIA 8.1 (Monash 2013 Tune)~,PYTHIA 8.2 (Rope hadronization)~, EPOS-LHC~, and HERWIG 7.1~, which are shown as different dashed lines.