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Figure 5

The centrality dependence of SC($m$,$n$) and NSC($m$,$n$) in $\PbPb$ collisions at $\snn=2.76$~TeV. Results are compared to various VISH2+1 calculations~. Three initial conditions from AMPT, MC-KLN and MC-Glauber are drawn as different colors and markers. The $\eta/s$ parameters are shown as different line styles, the small shear viscosity ($\eta/s=0.08$) are shown as solid lines, and large shear viscosities ($\eta/s=0.2$ for MC-KLN and MC-Glauber and 0.16 for AMPT) are drawn as dashed lines. Left (right) panels show SC($m$,$n$) (NSC($m$,$n$)).
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