Figure 4

The \pt integrated yield (d$N/\mathrm{d}y$) (upper panels) and mean transverse momentum ($\langle p_{\mathrm{T}} \rangle$) (bottom panels) for \kstar (left) and \phim (right) mesons as a function of $y$, divided by the d$N/\mathrm{d}y$ and $\langle p_{\mathrm{T}} \rangle$ at $y = 0$ for the multiplicity class 0--100$\%$ in \pPb collisions at \snn $=$ 5.02 TeV The predictions from EPOS-LHC , EPOS3 with and without UrQMD , DPMJET , HIJING  and PYTHIA8/Angantyr  are shown as different curves The statistical uncertainties are represented as bars whereas the boxes indicate total systematic uncertainties.