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Figure 4

Values of \dNdetape\ for pA~, pp and \ppbar ~ along with those from central AA collisions~ as a function of \snn\ are shown, for $|\eta|< 0.5$. All values of \avNpart\ used for normalisation of data are the results of Glauber model calculations The $s$-dependencies of the \pp\ (\ppbar) inelastic (INEL) and \pPb\ collisions data are proportional to $s_{\rm NN}^{0.103}$ (solid line), while pp (\ppbar ) NSD are proportional to $s_{\rm NN}^{0.114}$ (dashed middle line). AA are proportional to $s_{\rm NN}^{0.152}$ (dashed upper line). The bands show the uncertainties on the extracted power-law dependencies.
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